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Maltron Dual Hand Flat (2D) Keyboard

Maltron Dual Hand Flat (2D) Keyboard


Over 3,000 keyboard users have now successfully used a standard Maltron two-handed fully-ergonomic keyboard to recover from keyboard induced pain, but there have been a handful of sufferers who have declared that the Maltron design is just too radical, or "unfriendly looking".Maltron dual 2D flat keyboard

The new Maltron Flat "Finger Length Adapted", or finger friendly keyboard responds to this view, and incorporates some key features (no pun intended!) of the existing design but in a more conventional shape. Two key groups for letters with a central number group, as before, keep wrists straight and strain free. Central numbers suit both left & right handers. The letter keys are angled inwards to match natural finger movements and, as in the 3D two-handed design, the keys for the longer fingers are further away to reduce finger motion and provide small therapeutic actions.  Large palm pads give a comfortable resting and relaxing zone for hands and arms during “thinking time”, to encourage blood flow and recovery.

You will find that the Maltron 2D or "Flat" keyboard is a great compromise between conventional keyboards and the Maltron "3D" fully ergonomic models, and can be described as a true comfort keyboard. While the 3D keyboards offer the ultimate in comfort and efficiency, they do require a few weeks practice to become familiar with, while the Maltron Flat keyboard requires no special training and you will be amazed at just how comfortable and easy to use it is!


The Maltron Dual 2D keyboard is available to buy now from the Maltron online shop.  If you are a new user of Maltron keyboards, we would recommend the L90 layout version, as this most closely resembles the conventional keyboard layout that you will no doubt be familiar with.

Please Note: Maltron keyboards are now only available with USB connectors.



Width 42.5cm
Depth 22.5
Height 5cm
Weight 0.85kg
Connectivity USB
Cable Length 2.0m (approx)
Compatibility PC or Mac depending on model
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